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The Snow Queen, Filament Theatre

"the gifted Sarah Hecht” “This is one cast that absolutely lives up to the definition of an ensemble.”

Elemeno Pea, Citadel Theatre

"Hecht captures both Simone’s airy, sometimes kooky pseudo-rich girl façade and her sincere humanity with equal skill, making her a more than worthy scene partner."

"Simone, played with the childlike glee of a kid in a candy store, by Sarah Hecht"

"Deftly handled by Sarah Hecht"

As You Like It, Arc Theatre

"Meredith and Sarah Hecht (Celia) played especially well against one another, sounding out the good and bad, the serious and the silly, in their sisterly relationship. Hecht does an exceptional job reveling in the absurdity in a role"

"...Sarah Hecht’s excellent Celia." "...Ms. Hecht’s reaction to then-nasty brother Oliver is equally good. The stage is set from the beginning, and these two actors are both at the height of their game."

James and the Giant Peach, Filament Theatre

"Sarah August Hecht makes a gluttonous, hateful Aunt Sponge but is gentle and goodnatured as Ladybird. "

Voolf, Cock and Bull Theatre

"...grandmother oma (played hilariously by sarah august hecht)"

"i can't conclude without highlighting the excellent use of puppetry throughout the show. all four actors either had previous puppetry experience or caught on quickly because the puppets drew me in and kept me captivated"

Titanic, Cock and Bull Theatre

"Hecht is always a pleasure to watch and Titanic is no exception: clad in elegant puffed sleeves and delivering lines with upper class lockjaw, she ably navigates the breakneck pace while never denying the audience a laugh. Durang would be proud."

Moby-Dick, The Building Stage

"Sarah Hecht manages distinction in various personalities, conveying not only distinguishing voices but also separate energies and motivations. Her second-act monologue, involving an intense moral dilemma, carries a great deal of weight and honesty."